Step 1: Register on the website of Planet B.

Step 2: You will have to provide the team leader's details, team member's details, postal address and other details as required. You will receive a confirmation mail.

Step 3: After confirming, you can proceed to the submissionsof your plans.

There is NO registration/ participation fee.
The last date of registration is December 1, 2018.
Once an application has been submitted, an auto generated e-mail confirming the successful submission will be sent to your registered email address.
No. Application once submitted cannot be edited.
Only the startups which are currently in the ideation stages and early stage which have not received any form of outside funding can participate.
No. We do not accept any other documents. The judging will be done only on the basis of the summary (and the documents asked for).
We allow single participation, though a team is recommended.
No. There is no restriction on age. Any person with a good idea is welcome to participate.
You are welcome to enter your ideas even if they have been submitted at another contest or challenge.
Yes. A non-collegiate individual can participate.
No. Proposal should be uploaded online on the link provided by and you are all set. You are expected to visit Mumbai only if you are qualified for the grand Finale. Once you qualify, we will get in touch with you directly.
Business models will be evaluated based on the quality of the plan, the feasibility of business idea and the size of the market opportunity amongst other judging parameters. Judging will be done by our panel of experts.
No. We don’t release our judge lists for any of the rounds. However they will be drawn from a variety of backgrounds, including funders, founders, industry experts and executives, lawyers and other specialists deemed appropriate to understand the commercial viability of a business idea.
  • The participants have to register themselves online and send the summary of their business plan in the registration form.
  • Based on the summaries, the qualifying teams would be provided with online training.
  • After the completion of the training process, the participants need to submit a detailed project on the business plan.
  • The finalist would then be allocated mentors.
  • Elevator pitch to the audience.
  • Pitching round to judges and investors.
  • Declaration of results.
No. We welcome both for-profit and non-profit proposals.
As soon as the results for the first round are declared, online training would be provided to participants.
The entries for Insight’s Planet-B are judged by reputed faculty, established entrepreneurs and industrialists who believe in promoting entrepreneurship.Looking at B-Models is a routine affair for them. Your entry is viewed only by the judges. At no stage is an organizer permitted to view your B-Model. Presentations are all closed room presentations. Only the organizers and judges will be present during the presentation.
Yes, teams can consist of individuals from different colleges/ companies.
Mentors are experienced sector-specific entrepreneurs or experts who provide assistance and guidance to the participants. Mentors will offer suggestions and feedback to help participants develop and refine their business model. Participants will be given one to one mentorship.
No. The teams who have been awarded earlier by Planet B cannot participate with the same business idea. Though if they participate with a different business idea, they are welcome.
For specific queries, you may reach out to